Photos at left:

(Top left to bottom right) 

Bill & Sandy Walgren

Bob McLean, Janice Gilmore Schoner, Darrell Loudon

Bob and DeAnna Johnson Kauzlaric Kieffer, Roger Coyle

Darrow Lindstrum & Ron Wilde

Sue & Del Lubash

Diana Cummings Hite, Bob KIeffer, Roger Coyle

Ernie & Kathy Varnum

Janice Gilmore Schoner & Toni Kemp Jacobs

​Joan Matteson Reanier

Judith MacMillan & Tim Sullivan

Bev Cook Cooke, Phyllis Sisson Wessel, Ruth Peterson Reese

Ron Wilde

Phyllis Sisson Wessel & Marie Reed O'Day

Roy Baggerly

Sandy Walgren & Kathy Varnum

Diane Cummings Hite, Kathy, Spike Reid

​Ruth Lindstrum & Bill Walgren

Pat Campbell


Jim Alexander; Roy Baggerly; Pat Campbell; Beverly Cook-Cooke; Norm Cox; Roger Coyle; Diana Cummings Hite; Sandy Fedt Wallace; Janice Gilmore Schoner; DeAnna Johnson Kauzlaric Kieffer & Robert Kieffer; Toni Kemp Jacobs; Louise Koch Locke & Jack Locke; Darrow & Ruth Lindstrum; Darrell Loudon; Del & Sue Lubash; Bob McLean; Joan (Matteson) Reanier; Ruth Peterson Reese; Marie (Reed) O'Day; Tom "Spike" Reid and Kathy Cokin; Phyllis Sisson Wessel & Jim Wessel;  Judy Smailes Callaghan; Tim Sullivan and Judith MacMillan; Ernie and Kathy Varnum; Bill and Sandy Walgren; Jack West; Larry West; Ron Wilde; Gary Wright

2022 Get-Together -August 14, 2023

Combined 1957 East-West High Schools

​2023 Get-Together - 66thYear!

August 14  - McCloud's Grill House

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     Thirty-six East-West HS graduates of 1957 "hung out" in the congenial atmosphere of McCloud's Grill House in East Bremerton in August '23. Rather than a hamburger or a milk shake from the Triple X on 6th Street or Stan's in Manette, we enjoyed prime rib, chicken and all the fixings. Rather than stand on the corner in front of Olberg's (Pacific Avenue and Fourth Street) to see who was "dragging the gut" we met and chatted in an air-conditioned restaurant reserved just for our get-together. We were also served beer (legally) and soft drinks , if wanted. Once again, Roy Baggerly delighted everyone with his keyboard talent and music he selected with us in mind.

       It was a wonderful afternoon filled with memories and laughter but also fun because these annual Get-Togethers offer a chance for us to make new memories and experience a renewed appreciation that we knew so many neat kids (now neat older kids) in high school. Many friendships have reached beyond our teens to offer us more "Happy Days" than we could have ever expected. 

Rotating photos in order 

of appearance:

Larry West and Jim Alexander

Judith Smailes Callalhan

Marie Reed O'Day & Janice Gilmore Schoner

Toni Kemp Jacobs & Ron Wilde

Susan & Del Lubash

Louise Koch-Locke &  Jack Locke

Phyllis Sisson Wessel &  Jim Wessel

​Sandra Fedt Wallace & Ruth Peterson Reese